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Frequently Asked Questions 

We hope that your visit to our website is just the first step of a budding friendship. And real friendships means asking the difficult questions. Be it about how Reset works or where our bathrooms are, we're here to answer any and all questions you have.
If you don't find what you're looking for here please contact us. 
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Getting Started

How does this work?

Reset was born from a search for inspiration and comfort. Finding the perfect place to be productive at an affordable price is what we do, and we do it by partnering with dinner-only restaurants. We transform the comfortable spaces of local, independent restaurants into coworking spots for remote workers to produce their best work. They are outfitted with everything you need to get a solid day's work in including coffee, tee, business speed wifi (500mbps+) and comfortable seating. 

Recently, we've also added a "flexspace" option by partnering with Wright Bros. Brew & Brew where Reset members get a dedicated section of the space guaranteed. In addition, they receive member discounts, bottomless hot coffee/tea and peace of mind.

How can I sign up?

You can sign up for a free day pass using our mobile app (iOS and Android) which is free to download and use! There, you'll grab your day pass and then check-in using the app once you are onsite to your chosen location. You can also manage your membership, grab other passes and redeem special member discounts using the app at our flexspaces.

What are my membership options?

We currently offer four different options for your membership: an hourly pass (for purchase on mobile), a day pass, a 10-pass per month and a monthly unlimited membership. On a per day basis, the monthly membership  and the 10 per month are the best bang for your buck. You can purchase passes via our new mobile app available on Google Play and the Apple Store. Hourly passes can only be purchased and used via mobile app.

Do I need to make a reservation ahead of time?

Nope, you don't need to reserve your spot ahead of time - we are built with flexibility in mind. You just pick a location, sign up on the app, head on over and check in on your app. 

How can I purchase a membership?

You can purchase a membership via our mobile app available on the Google Play and Apple Store.

How do I use my new pass?

It’s easy, simply download the mobile app, sign up for a free account, choose your location and click "get a day pass". Your account will automatically have one ready for you to check in with that day.

Can I use these at any location?

Of course! Any Reset location is your oyster. Our mission is to drive the same kind of consistent, community experience at all Reset locations.

Can I visit two locations the same day on a day pass?

Yes, you can visit as many locations as your heart desires in a single day. 


Do you have fast WiFi?

Yes, we upgrade all of our partner restaurant wifi to make sure it can handle a full day of emails, dev work and everything else you need to get done. This typically means it is performing at 500+mbps.

What are the parking options?

Parking is a big factor in how we choose our partner restaurants. Each spot has ample parking either in front of the restaurant or nearby street parking that is either free or $1/hour. 

Do you have outlets or places to plug in my electronics?

Yes, we bring in outlets and plug towers so you always have a spot to plug in your computer, phone, keyboard or whatever else you may need to. Our towers include regular outlets, as well as USB plugs.

Is there lunch service or snacks for purchase?

There is no lunch service at this time in our partner restaurants. Guests are welcome to bring in food from home or order in. Uber Eats is our go-to.

Are the places I can take a call?

You are welcome to take phone or conference calls in our spaces as long they are not too loud or lengthy. Unfortunately, we do not have separate rooms or phone booths for phone calls.

Do you have a fridge or a microwave?

We do not have a fridge or a microwave at this time.

Do you have special plans for corporate or team members?

Yes, absolutely. For small and large teams alike, we can create custom team memberships to help them get work done and stay on track with their goals. You can see more info on our teams page.


I have meetings sometimes, can I bring a friend or team member?

Yes, we love friends! And, sometimes you just need a work buddy to get through that day of work.

You can bring a friend or guest for up to 2 hours with you as part of our 10/month and monthly memberships every day.​ After the 2 hour mark, we do ask that they grab a day pass.

Can I share a membership with a friend?

As much as we love sharing, unfortunately you cannot share a membership. But, we do have a referral program that rewards you and your friend each time you refer someone!

Can I bring my pup?

Yes. As long as Fido is well behaved you can bring him to work in some Reset locations, as shown on each location's page. Other than dogs, we unfortunately can’t allow other pets, but would love to see photos so we can gush about how cute they are because we love all pets.

Our Spaces

Are the restaurants open while people are working in them?

​We partner with dinner-only restaurants that are closed during the day, so when you’re using Reset, it’s for coworking only in our dedicated locations. For flexspaces, you will be sharing the location but will have access to premium seating, beverages, a private wifi network and member discounts. To find our space's different hours, you can check them out at our restaurants page. Great question, we get it all the time!

Do we need to leave at closing time?

Not at all! Our members are welcome to stay past closing time into the restaurant's happy hour. In the spirit of helping out our partners though, we ask you purchase a snack or beverage from them as you continue working. For our flexspaces, they are open to Reset members until closing time.

Do you have assigned seating?

No assigned seating here. You are welcome to sit wherever you like - although the window seats do tend to go pretty fast.

Do you host events at your spaces?

Yes, sometimes. We host community events such as our Think & Drink (Coffee) morning speaker series which brings you a quick, before work jolt of energy on a variety of topics. Other events, such as happy hours and meetings, also happen from time to time. All of our events are listed on our events page.

Didn't find your question?

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