• Silva Gentchev

A letter to our coworking community

For the past year and a half, Siri and I have taken great pride in building a workspace that helps remote workers find an inspiring place to work and find community in the process. We were continually thrilled, excited, and all the feelings about the fact that many of you have trusted us with your time (& money) to build something that helps you get work done!

And that’s a big deal.

Some of our favorite moments include:

  • Seeing a full house on our opening day last summer! We were delightfully overwhelmed and met some of our long term customers that day

  • Our first Think & Drink community programming event this spring with Nate Ryan talking about supercharging his morning. We had no idea that over 30+ people would want to wake up early and start their day with us

  • Hosting a sold out summer social at Tillery this summer -  an event we brainstormed with our intern and was full of free Austin treats, new friends, and headshots

But even with all that — it’s been a challenging road to build a coworking solution that scales and grows in the environment we are in. The business of coworking is a tough one, especially so in an increasingly saturated market like Austin. Over the last 6 months, the Reset team has tested and re-tested many different variations coworking in order to better serve our customers and continue moving upwards. And, we found one that really stuck and was solving a substantial pain point.

Hosting offsites and meetings for corporate teams.

Companies big and small are looking for inspiring, productive places to host their team meetings, quarterly offsites and other meetings – but they want to stay local. Our team and network of spaces is uniquely positioned to tackle this problem – and it allows us to give back even more to our local, restaurant and bar partners – one of the reasons we got in this business.

So what does that mean for coworking?

Here’s the tough part, this effectively means that after this year, we will no longer be hosting coworking at Reset. As we embark on this new direction, we had to make the very, very, hard decision that we simply must focus 100% on that piece. So, after December 19th – coworking will be coming to an end.

I want you to know we didn’t make this decision lightly. And, while we looked at a million different ways to keep this going - it simply wasn’t the right choice for Reset long-term no matter how much our hearts were still in it. 

Our community programming will go on – as this near and dear to us and an important piece of where we think there is a lot of value – connecting people. We’ve got some great speakers for Q1 on topics around entrepreneurship and management coming your way. 

Thank you for being part of the journey, without ya’ll, we would have never gotten to where we have.  And an even bigger thank you for being Reset customers, supporters, low-key PR people and most of all - friends! 

We wish you all a happy holiday season and hope to see you all in the new year!


Silva & Siri

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