• Siri Chakka

How I found my passion - Lessons from an ex-consultant

Passion is a pretty underrated thing. I didn’t realize how underrated it was until I actually did something I was truly passionate about. I’m not saying that I didn’t care about my last few jobs or that I don’t actually enjoy my hobbies, but I think passion is something…a little different, something a little bit more.

We started building Reset in 2018, opening our doors in the fall. It started as an idea, a fun thought exercise between two friends, and turned into something very real in a short amount of time. It went from being an experiment, an application of all of our skills and education, to very quickly a side hustle. Recently I became more aware that I wanted this side hustle to become my main focus, my main passion, and my paying job to become a means to support myself until I can make this into something more.

What is passion though? For me it’s hard to describe the feeling, but I know I’m feeling it, sort of akin to knowing you’re in love in a relationship — it’s usually a bunch of little things that typically point towards one big thing. For me, I knew my startup was something I was actually passionate about when I:

  • Couldn’t stop thinking about it, in a sort of unhealthy way (but not really)

  • Kept jotting down random ideas in my head that I wanted to explore further

  • Got excited about potentially unlocking something when brainstorming with my co-founder

  • Became emotionally tied to how my startup is fairing — the high highs, and the low lows

  • Wanted to keep working on it, even through the lows

Accurate description of what many founders feel in their journey

Being the ex-consultant that I am, I was trying to figure out why I am so passionate about this startup. Other than being in Austin and having the startup bug be all around you (it’s in the water around here I swear), I realized Reset happen to be the holy grail of a concept that scratched a few itches of mine:

  1. Reset addressed a problem that I was actually having, a problem my co-founder was having, and a problem we found that a sizeable portion of the remote working community was having

  2. I’ve always wanted to start my own company, but I didn’t have an idea worth pursuing until Reset (although it would be fun for a future blog to talk through my idea graveyard before Reset)

  3. Starting a business was a great capstone of sorts to my consulting background and newly minted MBA, and my co-founder and I have very complementary skills

Some people might call it blind optimism, others might call it an obsession, but I think it’s more than either of those things. It’s having the faith in my abilities and my co-founders abilities to execute, and it’s knowing that we’re getting closer to creating the best solution to the problem we’re trying to solve. The most important part though is that I’m actually enjoying the journey, even through the obstacles. That’s how I know.

What’s your current passion?

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